Saturday, 4 June 2016

I've been missing how long?

Hello (hello)
Hello (hello)
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can here me
Is there anybody home?

It's been a long while since I last updated my blog. I wasnt sure just how to start off, but then I had a blast of The Scissor Sisters music and I thought it a perfect intro.
I was asked recently by my husband, why don't I restart my blog as he does look in here from time to time hoping for something to read. My response was that I never really established my blog in the first place. I was posting uninteresting stuff and I just never properly got settled with blogging. And anyway, no one was reading it apart from my husband and an online friend. 
But my husband, or should I say Richard, said don't worry about that, just write as a way of relaxing, just write for myself, and then just just give things a chance.

After thinking shall I or shan't I for about a week, during which I found a nice bundle of colourful balls of yarn in the local charity shop. I decided to restart blogging again.

The yarn I spotted was the blue and black, there were 4 balls in total and I liked the colourso I bought it.I had paid £2 for the bundle, but when I seperated them, the label wraps had the original commercial price of £2.89 each, and it is 30% merino wool. So its got a really nice soft feel to it.
When I got home with it, my son Jack asked when am I going to knit his snood scarf I promised him last year.
Yeah, I know, I lack long term focus on projects. I do enjoy just flitting from one finished project to another un related project. I do prefer to break up any potential monotony that way. I had promised him this snood while I was knitting something for Richard last year ans when I had finished that, I didn't want to do more knitting so soon and then you know how it goes, gets forgotten.
So today I get my knitting supplies out to let Jack choose the colour he wants me to use. The picture shows his colours and I now have my knitting kit in my desk drawer ready to start on a school day when I will have time to myself and not run the risk of getting it all tangled up by his brother Sean.

I'm not a fast knitter, so it will take me a little while to complete as I can't sit knitting for too long a session as I will give myself neck n headache, eye strain and hand cramps. But I intend to keep it an active project until completion.


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Book a Day challenge on instagram

 Well I am a day late with day 6 as yesterday I had too much stuff to contend with. In other words I was in a really foul and shitty mood and no one was safe from my wraith. I didn't enjoy yesterday very much, I was really tired and had to go out shopping for food essentials. So by the time I got back and put away the shopping and then dealt with the kids dinners, and preparing our dinner for later, I was pretty much feeling exhausted and still holding onto the anger  and mean feelings. I was hurting all over from tension. After the kids had gone to bed and we had our dinner, I decided to relax with some hobby time.
I decided to play one of my Enya cds and got my world coins out to start making a note of what I have got in my collection. Was a pleasant end to the day, I got quite into it and when I checked the time it was nearly 1am. Considering I was really tired all day, I decided to call it a night and put it all away until next time (tonight?)

Book a day challenge Day 6

Book a day challenge Day 7 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Book a day challenge on instagram

Book a day instagram challenge - day 4


I had to go into town today to get a package weighed for mailing and also to collect a couple of packages that couldn't be delivered to my husband yesterday due to the fact we were out and they were too large to fit through the letter box.
While I paid for the stamps to mail a package to Russia, I requested to check the 50p rack in the cash till for any of the special issues I havent yet got in my collection. I know I can quite easily swap for these and the other British coins I seek, via swaps through the mail or to purchase them from various sources. But I already participate in many swaps and mailings around the world for items I collect that I can't obtain from within my own country, so this part of my coin collecting hobby - British current coin issues of 50p, £1 and £2 coins with different commemorative images, I prefer to remain more relaxed on seeking. I only rely on finding these coins in my pocket change from shops and when I accost and mug my family.
My collections are very slow but I still find it fun.
Todays 50p coins added to my collection are
After being in the post office, I had a look in the local charity shop. I found a couple of Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books. I am slowly collecting this book series together as I would eventually like to read them. When I got home, I discovered an interesting item hidden in the book, I dont know if it was a forgotten improvised book mark by the previous owner, or if it found its way inside the book when being sorted in the charity shops back room, but its mine now.
Its one of those metal advertisement tin signs. We have a few other food and drink related signs in our kitchen. I like them, so I am pleased to add this one up on the kitchen wall.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A book a day instagram challenge day 3.

 I am still quite new with the workings of this blog, so please forgive me for any sudden changes with how make my posts.
After 3 days of participating in the book a day challenge, I decided it was quite silly to give myself extra pointless work by duplicating my instagram pictures by posting the pictures and my comments onto here afterwards.
So here is the link to my book a day, day 3 on my instagram. I am trying to figure out how to share a photo link instead of this text link, but as I mentioned, I havent found the way to do it yet.

Day 3 of a book a day challenge on instagram

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Todays mail brings me...............

I received these banknotes - 1 and 2 Hryven from Ukraine, and 5 Sum from Uzbekistan. Included was a postcard with a written message from Sveta via